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Here are all the vehicles used by the characters in the Dhampire series. I'd just like to thank the many different websites that I used to get the information for you. There are too many to mention individually.

Jason Campbell's - (vampire / dhampire) Mercedes CLS

Jason Campbell - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited (Mostly used when going camping/hunting)

Candice Crowe (Human - given as a present by Jason)

Juan and Fracois (Vampires)

Martin Fields (Human - given by his vampire friends)

James - BMW Limo Stretch (vampire - used for special occasions - one of his collection)

James - Porche 911 Carrera - Another of his collection

Conner Crowe - Rolls Royce Phantom (Candice's Father) one of his collection

Conner Crowe - Mercedes S

Conner Crowe - BMW 135i Coupe

Callyn Crowe - Bentley Continental gtc (Candice's Brother)

Callyn Crowe - Honda cbr 1000

Shazz Masters - Ducati 1098 s (Vampire)