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For those that are interested, I've put in this page to thank those people out there that inspired me for my books. Thank you one and all, the mortals and immortals.

In The Flesh: In The Book:
Candice Crowe (Human)
Jason Campbell (Vampire-Dhampire)
Coming Soon! alt

Daniel and Darren (Vampire - Dhampires)
alt alt
Thanks to Savage Garden (Band) for letting me borrow their characters
Shazz (Sharon) Masters (Vampire - Dhampire)
Coming Soon! alt alt
Leah Molope (Vampire-Dhampire)
alt alt
Callyn Crowe (Human)
alt Coming Soon!
Donovan van Lelyveld (Vampire-Dhampire)
alt Coming Soon!

My Other Characters will follow shortly.....

An indepth study of each character will be added later.